Eight in StarQuest finals

SQ final


KUCHING: It was certainly a hard time for the StarQuest semifinal judges to select the eight contestants for the final round that is slated to be held on this coming 28 September at the Kuching Civic Centre, here.

The talent search’s semifinal round held at On Top Lounge located in the city’s so-called Golden Triangle last Saturday night was judged by a panel of experienced judges who are also artistes in their own disciplines namely renown saxophonist Stephen Adam, multiple international awards winner who is also popular AF star Stanley Meringgai David Impi and veteran recording artiste as well as AMD 2010 award winner Senah Ukong.

This talent search by Dayak Musicians and Artistes Association (DAMA) is also to scout for new talents among the Dayak community involving participants from the different ethnic groups namely the Iban, Bidayuh and Orang Ulu aged between 16 and 28 years with singing talent.

“Through this talent search, DAMA wants to promote the Dayak Music Industry.  Although it is a new event, this event needs the support of all parties involved directly or indirectly with the music industry,” said Organising Committee Chairman Brown Sang Lagan when speaking to New Sarawak Tribune last Saturday evening at the show’s venue.

Right from the start of the semifinal round that was emceed by popular CATS FM deejays Ivy Ubang and Freddy, the participants were in their elements. Some chose to dramatise their presentations by taking a partner from the opposite gender in a simulation of sorts.  These might not get extra points from the judges but went well with the audience in their thirst for something new.

Those selected for the finals are Isbel Valarie Coron, Indinina Jering Jenan, Adeline Betty, Olivia Baha, Jesper Nimoi, Franky Wilson anak Ahem,  Alexander anak Chelum and Morris anak Thomas. Coincidentally, they comprise four female and male singers though this is an open contest with no gender category.

Lucrative prizes are up for grabs in this debutant contest with the champion to take home RM3,000 cash, a certificate and a chance to record his or her album under a recording company registered with DAMA. First and second runner-ups will take home RM2,000 and RM1,000 cash, a trophy and certificate each respectively. The other five finalists take home RM300 cash. Artiste winning the Best Performance Award will take home a cash prize of RM500.

DAMA chief who is also Balai Ringin  State Assemblyman, Snowdan Lawan who came together with his wife lent extra boost to the participants’ enthusiasm and so were the presence of other DAMA main committee members. Also present was Carlsberg’s Area Sales Manager Bernard Gan who came to show his support to the event as his company is also one of the co-sponsors.

Also featured in last Saturday’s show was popular new artiste Leez Zwita who belted her own popular number Bajik Tuai.

Malaysia’s famous singer/composer Ajai will be present to lead the judging panel in the final round.

Carlsberg is the main sponsor for the this event whereas the official media are New Sarawak Tribune, Utusan Sarawak and CATS FM, and the cosponsors for the venues are Kuching Sentral and On Top Lounge and Restaurant.

Be at the Kuching Civic Centre for the finals on 28 Sept starting 7.30pm.


SQ Backdrop

KUCHING: Dayak Artistes and Musicians Association (DAMA) is organising a talent search through an event dubbed StarQuest with the aim to discover new talents in the Dayak Music Industry.

Organising committee chairman Brown Sang Lagan said this is an event to look for new talents among the Dayak community involving participants from the different ethnic groups namely the Iban, Bidayuh and Orang Ulu aged between 16 and 28 years with singing talent.

“Through this talent search, DAMA wants to promote the Dayak Music Industry.  Although it is a new event, this event needs the support of all parties involved directly or indirectly with the music industry,” said Brown during a press conference at Kuching Sentral, here recently.

“Only Dayak participants can join the competition; artistes who are recording their albums or those who are recording artistes are not eligible to participate,” said Brown.

He said during the audition, participants are compulsory to sing a song each either in Iban, Bidayuh or Orang Ulu. He added that during the final round, participants will need to sing two songs each; one song is either in Iban, Bidayuh or Orang Ulu and as for the second song participants can choose a song in any language.

“The competition will be in karaoke or minus one, so participants please bring your original audio CD during the audition,” he pointed out.

The audition date will be from Saturday, 13 July to Sunday, 14 July starting from 10.00am to 5.00pm at Kuching Sentral.

As for the semi final, 16 participants will continue their competition on 27 July starting from 7.30pm till 11.30pm at On Top Lounge and Restaurant (Bukit Mata Kuching carpark building).

Eight participants will be selected for the final round on 28 September at the Kuching Civic Centre, here starting from 7.30pm till 11.30pm.

Lucrative prizes are up for grabs in this debutant contest with the champion to take home RM3,000 cash, a certificate and a chance to record his or her album under a recording company registered with DAMA and likely to carry DAMA label. First runner-up winner will walk away with RM2,000 cash, a trophy and certificate whereas the winner in the second runner-up spot walks away with cash prize of RM1,000, a trophy and certificate.

Five consolation prizes are also waiting for those in fourth up to eight places where they will take home a cash prize of RM300 and a certificate each. Artiste winning the Best Performance Award will take home a cash prize of RM500.

Registration fee will be RM30.  Participants who are interested can get the entry forms starting today until the 13 July from 10.00am to 5.00pm at Kuching Sentral. Participants also can get their entry forms on a page of New Sarawak Tribune or Utusan Sarawak or alternatively participants can also go to StarQuest Secretariat at Sublot 7, 2nd floor, Block 11, Tabuan Stutong Commercial Centre, or visit their website at www.dama.my.

Malaysia’s famous singer/composer Ajai will be present to lead the judging panel in the final round.

Carlsberg is the main sponsor for the this event whereas the official media are New Sarawak Tribune, Utusan Sarawak and CatsFM, and the cosponsors for the venue are Kuching Sentral and On Top Lounge and Restaurant.


1. Best video – embat lala (kumang, hailey)

2. Best rock artist – stevenson (album telih diati berdarah dimata)

3. Best pop creative – rannee pat (album tua semina berpangan)

4. Best new dayak artist – gabriel fairuz (album genggam jariku)

5. Best music arrangement – norman ading (pulai pengujung)

6. Best male – gabriel fairuz (genggam jariku)

7. Best female – melissa francis (berserara enggau ai mata)

8. Best lyrics – harry usup umbar (berserara enggau ai mata)

9. Best group – taju remaong (album taju remaong)

10. Best dayak song orang ulu – rosiana urai (mapuh tageng taji)

11. Best dayak song bidayuh – romina grey (r.e.m.p.i.t)

12. Best dayak song iban – hevance (aku nemu)

13. Best ballad – melissa francis (album berserara enggau ai mata)

14. Best album cover – donny lang (album berserara enggau ai mata)

15. Album of the year orang ulu – daniel bampa (the best lagu kenyah vol.3)

16. Album of the year bidayuh – edward sayu (snipers)

17. Album of the year iban – gabriel fairuz (genggam jariku)

18. Lifetime achievement award bidayuh – julia m. payeng

19. Lifetime achievement award iban – michael jemat

20. Lifetime achievement award orang ulu – ukong mering

21. Dama special award – candy band

Top 10 finalist for Anugerah Muzik Dayak 2012

 BEST MALE                                                             ALBUM

1. DONNY LANG                                                     AI MATAKU (BERAIE)

2. GABRIEL FAIRUZ LOUIS                                     GENGGAM JARIKU

3. HAILEY                                                                KUMANG

4. INOCHI                                                                RACHUN DALAM PENGERINDU

5. RICKIE ANDREWSON                                         ENGERINDU BA UJUNG CERITA

6. TODDY                                                                 BUNGAI ROSE


BEST FEMALE                                                        ALBUM

1. DORIS NUJI                                                           AKU INDU

2. JULIANA MARING                                                  BEGULAI SEJALAI

3. MELISSA FRANCIS                                                BERSERARA ENGGAU AI MATA

4. MOREEN MARING                                                BEGULAI SEJALAI

5. NATALIE INES                                                       BINTUE TAAP BAUH

6. ROSIANA URAI                                                     ATI KAMI INDU

7. WENDY                                                                DARA JALA PISIT


BEST DAYAK SONG (IBAN)                                 ALBUM

1. ALDRICH LIONAL KAMIJAN                               SADA ATI


  1. CAZZLE BEN                                                  TELIH DI ATI BERDARAH DI MATA


  1. DEPHA MASTERPIECE                                 KUMANG


  1. ELLISON LUDAN                                              PENGERAN TUA ENDA ULIH TAGANG


  1. EMBAT LALA                                                    KUMANG


  1. EMBAT LALA                                                  BERSERARA ENGGAU AI MATA


  1. GABRIEL FAIRUZ LOUIS                                GENGGAM JARIKU


  1. JACKSON DANA                                           BEGULAI SEJALAI


  1. URAI                                                             ATI KAMI INDU



BEST DAYAK SONG (BIDAYUH)                           ALBUM


  1. EDWARD SAYU                                              MTV KARAOKE BIDAYUH BABEH LEW


  1. MELVIN LISAN ATUE                                      BINTU TAAP BAUH (BABEH ROCK)


  1. NICE SYNDORA                                            MTV KARAOKE BIDAYUH


  1. ROMINA GREY MELVIN                                BINTUE TAAP BAUH (AMANG GULA)


  1. ROMINA GREY MELVIN                                   BINTUE TAAP BAUH ( R.E.M.P.I.T)


  1. SUDIN AK JANTENG                                       REMAXXY BUNGA & BINTE



BEST DAYAK SONG (ORANG ULU)                                   ALBUM


  1. DANIEL BAMPA                                                        THE BEST LAGU KENYAH VOL 3


  1. DANILE BAMPA                                                        THE BEST LAGU KENYAH VOL 3


  1. M.G ASUNG                                                               CHERITA PENGERINDU TUA


  1. URAI                                                                            ATI KAMI INDU



BEST NEW DAYAK ARTISTE                                                 ALBUM


  1. DORIS NUJI                                                                      AKU INDU
  2. GABRIEL FAIRUZ                                                            GENGGAM JARIKU
  3. HEVANCE                                                                       SADA ATI
  4. LORENZE MARING                                                        BEGULAI SEJALAI
  5. MOREEN MARING                                                        BEGULAI SEJALAI
  6. RANNEE PAT                                                               TUA SEMINA BEPANGAN
  7. TAJU REMAONG                                                          TAJU REMAONG
  8. THOMAS ANGGAT                                                       NGENANG PENGINGAT TUA



  1. DIANA NINI                                                                  CERITA PENGERINDU TUA
  2. ETHNIC TRANSMISSIONS                                         ETHNIC TRANSMISSIONS
  4. HAILEY / MELISSA FRANCIS                                      KUMANG
  5. HEVANCE                                                                   SADA ATI
  6. MARING’S 5                                                                BEGULAI SEJALAI
  7. MASTERPIECE                                                            PANGGAU GAWAI 2012
  8. ROSIANA URAI / DOM ROMEO                                   ATI KAMI INDU
  9. TAJU REMAONG                                                        TAJU REMAONG
  10. WENDY / HAILEY                                                        DARA JALA PISIT


ALBUM OF THE YEAR (IBAN)                                             ALBUM


  1. ALLAN TAN                                                              TELIH DI ATI BERDARAH DI MATA


  1. EMBAT LALA                                                            GENGGAM JARIKU


  1. EMBAT LALA                                                             KUMANG


  1. EMBAT LALA                                                            BERSERARA ENGGAU AI MATA


  1. EMBAT LALA                                                           BUNGAI ROSE


  1. EMBAT LALA                                                          DARA JALA PISIT


  1. MARING AK LENGKONG                                     BEGULAI SEJALAI


  1. OLIVER CHRISTY HENRY                                    AI MATAKU BERAIE


  1. WILFRED JOHN MUJANG                                    TAJU REMAONG



ALBUM OF THE YEAR (BIDAYUH)                               ALBUM


  1. EDWARD SAYU                                                   SNIPERS (MTV KARAOKE BIDAYUH)



ALBUM OF THE YEAR (ORANG ULU)                             ALBUM


  1. D’SOUND-TECH STUDIO                                      THE BEST LAGU KENYAH VOL 3


BEST ALBUM COVER                                                   ALBUM


  1. COSMAS MOSES BONIFACE                                  KUMANG
  2. COSMAS MOSES BONIFACE                                   GENGGAM JARIKU
  3. DONNY LANG                                                          BERSERARA ENGGAU AI MATA
  4. DONNY LANG                                                           AI MATKU BERAIE
  5. DONNY LANG /TAJU REMAONG                            TAJU REMAONG
  6. ETHNIC TRANSMISSIONS                                        ETHNIC TRANSMISSIONS
  7. LORENZE MARING                                                    BEGULAI SEJALAI

BEST VIDEO                                                                    ALBUM


  1. APAI SALOI                                                        SADA NYAWA BUNGAS
  2. CHRIST SERVEY                                              GENGGAM JARIKU


  2. EMBAT LALA                                                    KUMANG


  1. EMBAT LALA                                                     BESERARA ENGGAU AI MATA


  1. WILFRED JOHN MUJANG                                 TAJU REMAONG


BEST LYRICS                                                    ALBUM


  1. DOM ROMEO                                           DI PELIPIR ATI
  2. ELLISON LUDAN                                      PENGERAN TUA ENDA ULIH TAGANG
  3. EMBAT LALA                                            BERSERARA ENGGAU AI MATA
  5. HARRY USUP UMBAR                             BERSERARA ENGGAU AI MATA
  8. JACKSON DANA                                       BEGULAI SEJALAI


  1. ROBIN JULAI/DORIS NUJI                          AKU INDU
  2. JULINA MARING                                          BEGULAI SEJALAI



BEST MUSIC ARRANGEMENT                                       ALBUM


  1. ABON                                                                          BEGULAI SEJALAI
  2. ADRICH LIONAL KAMIJAN                                         SADA ATI
  3. DEPHA MASTERPIECE                                               PANGGAU GAWAI 2012
  5. HAIREE FRANCIS                                                       BERSERARA ENGGAU AI MATA
  7. OLIVER CHRISTY HENRY/                                          AI MATA KU BERAIE


  2. RICKIE ANDREWSON                                            PENGERINDU BA UJUNG CERITA
  3. ROBIN JULY                                                            AKU INDU

BEST BALAD ARTISTE                                                 ALBUM


  1. DONNY LANG                                                      AI MATA KU BERAIE
  2. DORIS NUJI                                                         AKU INDU
  3. HAILEY/MELISSA FRANCIS                                 KUMANG
  4. HEVANCE                                                            SADA ATI
  5. MELISSA FRANCIS                                              BERSERARA ENGGAU AI MATA
  6. FARID SPENCER                                                 SADA NYAWA BUNGA
  7. MOREEN MARING                                              BEGULAI SEJALAI
  8. RICKIE ANDREWSON                                         PENGERINDU BA UJUNG CERITA
  9. ROSIANA URAI                                                     ATI KAMI INDU


BEST ROCK ARTISTE                                                ALBUM


  1. DEPHA MASTERPIECE                                         BADU
  2. GINA                                                                      PADAH MANAH SULU
  3. HEVANCE                                                            SADA ATI
  4. ROMINA GREY MELVIN                                      BINTUE TAAP BAUH
  5. STEVEN @ STEVENSON                                    TELIH DI ATI BERDARAH DIMATA
  6. TAJU REMAONG                                                  TAJU REMAONG


BEST POP CREATIVE ARTISTE                                  ALBUM


  1. APAI SALOI                                                           SADA NYAWA BUNGAS
  2. APIN                                                                     APIN CECELIA
  3. BUJANG LEMANAK                                            REBAH PUNGGU ENDA BEDAUN
  4. HAILEY                                                                KUMANG
  5. MELISSA FRANCIS                                             BERSERARA ENGGAU AI MATA
  6. RANNEE PAT                                                     TUA SEMINA BEPANGAN
  7. ROSIANA URAI                                                   ATI KAMI INDU
  8. TODDY                                                               BUNGAI ROSE
  9. WENDY                                                              DARA JALA PISIT


PM mahu struktur industri hiburan dikaji semula supaya seimbang dan adil

KUALA LUMPUR (13 NOV) : Perdana Menteri mahu kajian semula dibuat berhubung struktur industri hiburan yang tidak memberi pulangan adil kepada artis tanah air.

Najib berkata beliau akan meminta Menteri Penerangan Komunikasi Dan Kebudayaan Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim dan Menteri Perdagangan Dalam Negeri, Koperasi Dan Kepenggunaan Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob serta Yayasan Artis 1Malaysia (YA1M) mengemukakan cadangan bernas untuk membantu kerajaan membuat keputusan bagi membantu mewujudkan industri hiburan yang adil dan seimbang.

“Saya dipahamkan ada penyanyi dan pelakon yang dapat royalti yang agak kecil dan pihak lain mendapat pulangan yang agak besar, pada hemat saya, keadaan ini tidak seimbang dan tidak adil kepada seniman tanah air, ia perlu dipebetulkan,” katanya ketika melancarkan YA1M disini malam Ahad lepas.

Turut hadir isteri Perdana Menteri, Rais, Presiden YA1M Datuk Irwan Shah Abdullah atau lbih dikenali sebagai DJ Dave dan Penasihat YA1M Datuk Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim.

Najib berkata kajian juga perlu berhubung pelaksanaan skim insurans perlindungan terhadap seniman untuk membantu mereka sekiranya jatuh sakit.

“Kalau jatuh sakit, sakit yang sebenar bukan sakit dalam filem, kita tak naklah terpaksa minta sedekah pada orang, sepatutnya para artis ada perlindungan yang sepatutnya ketika sakit” katanya.

Selain itu beliau akan mencadangkan kepada kerajaan untuk memberi suntikan dana sebanyak RM2 juta kepada YA1M tahun ini dan RM3 juta pada tahun depan bagi membolehkan yayasan tersebut melaksanakan aktivitinya.

Najib berkata dengan penubuhan YA1M dan sokongan daripada kerajaan, masa depan artis tanah air akan mendapat pembelaan yang lebih baik.

Beliau berkata artis dilihat sebagai ikon, tetapi hanya sebahagian kecil sahaja yang faham bahawa hakikatnya mereka juga merupakan insan biasa yang mempunyai keadaan pasang surut, turun naik serta suka duka sebagai anak seni.

“Keadaan ini tentulah lebih rumit lagi, mungkin lebih mencengkam kepada kehidupan apabila seorang seniman itu melewati umur yang boleh dianggap sebagai umur yang boleh mempertahankan kedudukan sebagai seorang seniman popular.

“Dalam keadaan bila dah hampir senja, tentu tekanan hidup akan terasa sehingga mereka tidak mampu membuat persediaan untuk hari muka mereka apabila menjadi warga emas dalam masyarakat” katanya.

Najib memberi contoh kisah Allahyarham Tan Sri P.Ramlee yang tidak mampu meninggalkan harta menimbun setelah meninggal dunia walaupun beliau seorang seniman agung.

Beliau berkata semoga dengan berkat sokongan artis dan seniman terhadap penubuhan yayasan ini, kerajaan yang ada hari ini dapat kekal memimpin negara ke arah masa depan lebih baik.

“Kalau sokong kerajaan hari ini, saya jamin pengkisahan yang manis bagi rakyat” katanya. YA1M merupakan satu badan untuk memajukan kebajikan warga artis tanah air, khasnya anggota yayasan, melalui bantuan meliputi kesihatan, khairat/derma kematian, bencana dan sebagainya.- Bernama

AMD 2012 Ticket Outlet

Tiket-tiket AMD 2012 boleh di beli di :-

* Kaunter Bus Asia Terminal Batu 3.5, Kuching

* Kaunter Bus Asia di Kuching Sentral

* Kaunter Bus Asia di Serian

* Kumang Keling Karaoke – Tabuan Jaya, sebelah Showroom
Nissan dan Restauran Simply Sedap, dekat bulatan besar, Kuching, 013-8454322.

* Supreme Chicken Rice – Tabuan Jaya, sebelah Showroom Proton, dekat bulatan besar, Kuching, 082-368739.* 1 Stop Cafe – Batu 3, pejabat lama Astro, Kuching, 082-236072.

* Supreme Chicken Rice – di belakang RHB Bank dan E-Mart Matang, Kuching, 082-648722.

Harga Rm30 dan Rm50. Dapatkan tiket AMD 2012 anda dengan segera.

TIKET HOTLINE : 082-368739

Overwhelming Sri Aman AMD Roadshow

KUCHING: As part of the Anugerah Muzik Dayak (AMD) 2012 Sri Aman Roadshow, a co-author of this article spent his birthday in the former Simanggang town last Saturday away from home as he did in 1977 when he spent his 23rd birthday in Bangkok while still mourning for the demise of his idol the late King of Rock n Roll Elvis Presley.

However, this time around in Sri Aman, it was quite different than 1977’s as he was given a surprise birthday cake and tribute almost into the midnight of Saturday 20 October – just minutes after we were done with our AMD roadshow at Sri Aman’s Basketball Stadium in the town centre nearby the eatery where we stopped for supper.A product of Dayak Artistes and Mus i c ians As soc iat ion (DAMA), this AMD 2012 Sri Aman Roadshow was an overwhelming success.It was to be the last of the few roadshows outside Kuching wi th the AMD 2012 Kuching Roadshow to be held on Friday 2 November.

“The Kuching roadshow will be the last and I guess we are now ready for the real show, the AMD 2012 on Saturday 24 Nov at DeTAR Putra, UNIMAS,” said DAMA chairman Snowdan Lawan while addressing the small post party gathering at the eatery where they gave this co-author a surprise birthday cake and tribute.

Snowdan who is also Balai Ringin Assemblyman led the Sri Aman show that also brought cheers and entertainment to the usually sleepy rural town, especially with the presence of some twenty artistes, including some coming from Sibu, Bintulu and Kuching.Among those joining him from Kuching were some of the main committee members such as Deputy Chairman Austin ak James Nieet, Secretary Anyai John, Steve Oliver Jalin, Rachel Simai Edward, Alex Ayong, Gibson Richard, Ramona Joshua, Daniel Bampa plus this article’s co-authors Inja Margaret Bucking and Valentine Tawie who is also DAMA Publicity Chief.

Leading the Sibu and Bintulu DAMA artistes was Panggau Bulu Pengerindu (PBP) Production House maestro Lembat Imban who is better known as Embat Lala, a singer, composer and producer extraordinaire.

To spruce up the event that was supported by New Sarawak Trubune, Utusan Sarawak and RTM’s WaiFM, DAMA brought the famous and hilarious Bunyau- Mujap duo, played by Ken Michael and Stonton James who both WaiFM deejays.

Right from the start, the duo had Sri Aman audiences in stitches with their comical acts and naughty comments.

To get the DAMA artistes rolling, Sri Aman’s own star John Mukan who owns Ruai Kumang music joint rendered Dara Bajik and Dara Gila Kerepai which were well received by the crowds of roughly about 1,800 at the town’s basketball stadium.

Others who performed during the evening were Eisner Nala Jackson Reymus Bilong, Apai Saloi, Apin & Project 2, Leez Zwita, Florence Lo, Chi Cha, Fiedarus Udin, Jessica Remaya , Philip Jabu , Inochi Austin, Baby Daisy, Bujang Lemanak, Rannee Pat, Gabriel Fairuz Louis, Taju Remaung and finally Embat Lala pleased the crowds by performing Kelab Bujang Tuai and the same time gave them some VCDs from PBP artistes.

To end the show Snowdan, the main committee together with all the artistes jointly launched the AMD 2012 theme song AMD Terunggul Gemilang.

Tickets priced at RM30 and RM50 for AMD 2012 are already on sale at various joints around the city.Members of the public can check at the front page of this paper for details on tickets.

Fourteen awards are up for grabs at this AMD and the public are assured of a wholesome evening with all the Dayak celebrities present on this 24 November.

It’s the Dayak Awards equivalent of the Grammy Awards.

Where to buy AMD 2012 ticket

Tickets to ANUGERAH MUZIK DAYAK 2012 at Dewan Unimas Kuching on 24th November 2012 are sold at Rm30 and Rm50(front). You can buy them at these outlet:

1.  Kumang Keling Karaoke – Tabuan Jaya, next to Nissan Showroom and Simply Sedap Restaurant, near the big roundabout, Kuching,  013-8454322.

2.  Supreme Chicken Rice – Tabuan Jaya, next to Proton Showroom, near the big roundabout, Kuching, 082-368739.

3.  1 stop cafe – Batu 3,  at the old Astro office, Kuching, 082-236072.

4.  Supreme Chicken Rice – At the back of RHB bank and Emart Matang, Kuching, 082-648722.

5.  Imuzik shoppe, 1st floor, Kin Orient Plaza, Sibu, 013-8184216.

Or call our Ticket HOTLINE at 082-368739. Get your ticket fast. Seats are limited.

DAMA makes voice heard at dialogue with KPDNKK

KUCHING: Dayak Artistes and Musicians Association (DAMA) Chairman Snowdan Lawan and member Embat Lala were Monday almost given standing obviation by the state’s industry players for their very meticulous and meaningful presentation during the Majlis Perundingan Tahunan KPDNKK Bersama Pihak Industri Sarawak 2012 held at the Pullman Hotel, here.

It was singer, composer and production house proprietor Embat Lala’s presentation on the rampant VCD/DVD/CD piracy in the state that won the loudest applause from the audience that numbered about 300 comprising Sarawak leading industry personnel.

Minister of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism (KPDNKK) Dato’ Seri Ismail Sabri bin Yaakob and his Deputy Datuk Hajah Rohani Abdul Karim and the Ministry’s Secretary General Dato’ Saripuddin Kasim were both present to meet the Sarawak industry players who used the dialogue to forward and highlight their respective questions, issues and problems.

Snowdan earlier listed 13 items comprising long overdue problems and issues that had caused anguish and resentment, not to mention frustrations among Dayak music industry players over the years.

He also proposed some steps that could be taken (by the relevant authorities) as immediate solutions.

But it was Embat’s highlight of the rampant music piracy and misrepresentations of Sarawak, especially Dayak culture and specifically the Iban language by some filmmakers and actors from outside the state that earned him the biggest support from the audience.

These were long overdue unsolved matters, Embat pointed out.

He pointed out that he himself had gone out with enforcement officers from KPDNKK to few places (VCD outlets) in Sibu, Sarikei and Kapit and booked some culprits but there had been few obstacles, namely requirements not fulfilled that had led to delays in the cases being brought to court, including cases dating back more than three years.

Responses from the Minister were assuring but they needed the details which Embat would readily furnish for their further action.DAMA is very hopeful this would the start of better things for Dayak music.

“We hope this issue involving copyrights and intellectual properties could be solved once we are furnished with some of the required details,” Ismail Sabri said in response.

On one of the problems and requests from DAMA, namely its third issue of the application of hologram for Dayak singers to be done in Kuching instead of Kuala Lumpur, the Minister gave his approval on the spot.This was a very much welcomed change that would do much good and benefit to the local music industry.Ismail Sabri also said it could be approved within one or two weeks.

Among other problems, suggestions and issue put forward by DAMA were the pricy B-Certificate at RM0.90 which should be lowered to RM0.16 which is the same price of hologram; that the Ministry should give a sample of the correct Surat Sumpah (Statutory Declaration), as this had led to the long and unwanted delay of court cases pertaining to music piracy and that enforcement officers from the Ministry should give their full support whenever a complaint (on piracy) is made and in this case an enforcement personnel should not be allowed to stay posted in the same location for more than three years.

In his presentation, Snowdan also said that it was difficult to make a complaint as most of the related shops or outlets did not have any signage bearing their company’s name and address as this tactic would work well to deter from being raided by the authorities.

On DAMA’s suggestion that offenders should be given very heavy penalty, Ismail Sabri said Malaysia already had one of the heaviest punishment in the region. He said Malaysia’s fine of RM20,000 for each CD/VCD/DVD caught was the highest in the region.

After the session was over both Snowdan, Embat and other DAMA main committee comprising this writer, Ges ak Barundang, Rachel Simai Edward, Veronica Tresa and Steve Oliver Jalin all were pictures of satisfaction as DAMA had made its views heard and heeded partly or fully.